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We know that you are dependent on the ferry for transport, so if weather stops the ferries, then you will not be charged for your room on your arrival night.

If you can’t get here because bad weather stops the ferries, then you will not be charged.

In all other cases, please give us at least 21 days’ notice.  Otherwise, if it’s less than 21 days, we can only refund your room if we are able to rebook.


  • Help us spread love in this world by painting a rock for the Kindness Rock Project (materials provided at the house).
  • Bring photos of your furchildren to show us, but leave them safely at home.
  • Cancel at least 21 days before your stay (otherwise we can only refund if we can rebook)*
  • Give yourself a tech-free visit by keeping your phones and laptops in your room (or better yet, in that Lockbox)
  • Refrain from smoking.
  • Let us know what you need. Because we are here to help!

*No charge for your arrival night if weather cancels ferries and you can’t get here.

We love to host families and groups of friends, so we’ve put a lot of thought into flexible bedding configurations that can grow with a group. But if you STILL overflow, then we have an air mattress or 2 as a last resort.

Sure! And we’ve even created midweek full-house rental specials if that works for you. Email us to ask about details.

Hiking is big – 75% of the island is preserved woodland and the trails are magnificent.

Meeting locals is fun – the life of a Maine lobsterman is SO different than your everyday work life back on the mainland, so take a day and step into his Wellies.  It will change your perspective when you go back home.

Tour artist galleries – the island is home to a summer colony of artists and an assortment of artist studios. Go to www.ArtMonhegan.com to find out more.

Buy art – We consign art on our walls at the Cracked Mug.  Some artists sell right on the grass next to their easel as you walk around the island. And of course you can shop in the individual galleries.

Pick lobster – Don’t know how?  Here’s a tutorial so you can pre-game: http://www.maine-lylobster.com/2014/04/how-to-crack-and-pick-out-lobster.html  You can get lobsters steamed for you at the Fish Shack on Fish Beach (our backyard neighbors) or go with our lobsterman Brandon on our Trap-to-Table experience and bring back your own catch that we can steam in our outdoor kitchen at the Cracked Mug.

Join the Wednesday night Writers Group.

Attend island events like the schoolhouse play (put on by adult islanders)

Read a good book (bring your own or borrow/buy one of our favorites)

Unplug – maybe the best thing you can do on Monhegan.  Bring a book, play a game, pull out your camera and take photos, sit and think, soak in nature and fresh air.

No.  Please don’t bring your bike.   Biking is really discouraged on the island, and it is strictly prohibited on the trails.  your hiking shoes instead.

I’m a big cook. And my 2nd born son spent a number of years creating delicious chickpea vegan recipes, some of which rubbed off on me.

But I am not a vegan or gluten-free specialist.

What I can tell you is that I do offer a variety of dishes to choose from at the Cracked Mug.  And Bracketts Provisionary, just down the lane from me, does gluten-free baking that I can pick up items to augment your choices here at the guesthouse.

But the Cracked Mug is NOT a gluten-free kitchen.

If you give me as much notice as possible, I will do my best.

I get it.  My own sister had surgery and can’t handle the walking required on Monhegan.

So we have a golf cart.

We can pick you up at the dock and bring you to our guesthouse if you have a reservation.

Or – even if you’re a daytripper  – we can offer you a 2-hour 3-person tour of the island (extra charges apply)

NOTE that we strongly encourage you to experience the island on foot.  There’s simply nothing like it!

But if you need transport, we can help.

All the bedrooms at the Cracked Mug are on the 2nd floor, so you’ll need to be comfortable navigating a full flight of stairs.

Yes you may.

Reservations made on AirBnB are collected via credit card on the AirBnB site.

And reservations made directly with Melanie can be processed with your credit card ahead of time or via Stripe in person.

Cash also works.

Yes there is.

It’s at the Novelty (50 steps from our front door) ) where you can also find pizza and some darn delicious ice cream.

3 overnights is ideal! That gives you 2 full days of uninterrupted relaxation. And there is SO much to do that you’ll leave with a wish list for when you return.

2 overnights only gives you 1 full day so you’re thinking about having to leave before you even settle in.

But even 1 overnight is special – to experience the enchantment of the island after the daytrippers all leave is a very special opportunity.

Of course, a whole week allows you to savor the island lifestyle and truly reboot.

I guess the ideal length of stay depends on how far you travel to get here.

But 3 days?  That’s  awesome sauce!

What a great idea!

There is NOTHING in Maine like Monhegan so it provides an excellent contrast to the carriage roads of Acadia National Park…. the food-and-drink scene of Portland… the the boat culture of Brooklin… and the history of Kennebunkport.

Email us for our DIY Guide to Coastal Maine (it’s everything you need to know to book your own trip along coastal Maine including all contact info and our favorite one-week itinerary, downloadable, for $197):  melanie@rarefindstravel.com

We have a full first aid kit at the Cracked Mug and are certified in First Aid and CPR.

There’s also medical support on the island, and we have a landline at the guesthouse to call for help when needed.

For any major issues, there is boat/heli evac provided to the mainland.

Sure!  Just send an email to me at melanie@rarefindstravel.com or call/text to 609 923 0304.  Make sure to give me your name and remind me you’re calling about Monhegan.

Arrive at Monhegan Island via boat from mainland Maine.

Monhegan can be accessed by three different ports. New Harbor, Port Clyde and Boothbay Harbor.

From the north:

Monhegan Boat Line – leaves from Port Clyde and takes 1 hour. Click here for more info.

From the south:

Hardy Boat Cruises – Leaves from New Harbor. Click here for more info.

The Balmy Days II – Daily round trips from Boothbay Harbor. Memorial Day to Columbus Day. Click here for more.

Part of the wonder of Monhegan is that it’s a walking island.

Leave your car on the mainland and experience the island on foot.

You will see a handful of working pickups on the island that transport luggage and do landscaping, as well as a few golf carts of mobility challenged residents, but you’ll be able to live mostly car-free –

which is SUCH a treat!