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I’m new to Monhegan. What is there to do there?

Hiking is big – 75% of the island is preserved woodland and the trails are magnificent.

Meeting locals is fun – the life of a Maine lobsterman is SO different than your everyday work life back on the mainland, so take a day and step into his Wellies.  It will change your perspective when you go back home.

Tour artist galleries – the island is home to a summer colony of artists and an assortment of artist studios. Go to www.ArtMonhegan.com to find out more.

Buy art – We consign art on our walls at the Cracked Mug.  Some artists sell right on the grass next to their easel as you walk around the island. And of course you can shop in the individual galleries.

Pick lobster – Don’t know how?  Here’s a tutorial so you can pre-game: http://www.maine-lylobster.com/2014/04/how-to-crack-and-pick-out-lobster.html  You can get lobsters steamed for you at the Fish Shack on Fish Beach (our backyard neighbors) or go with our lobsterman Brandon on our Trap-to-Table experience and bring back your own catch that we can steam in our outdoor kitchen at the Cracked Mug.

Join the Wednesday night Writers Group.

Attend island events like the schoolhouse play (put on by adult islanders)

Read a good book (bring your own or borrow/buy one of our favorites)

Unplug – maybe the best thing you can do on Monhegan.  Bring a book, play a game, pull out your camera and take photos, sit and think, soak in nature and fresh air.