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The kitchen is the heart of our home at the Cracked Mug.  We are big foodies (my friends will tell you that my if it doesn’t walk off my plate, I eat it!).

So if you like food, then you’ve come to the right place.

Breakfast is included with your overnight at the Cracked Mug, and we take this meal very seriously.  When my sons were in high school, I was the PHS Breakfast Queen, feeding the 140-person football team and staff before every game – and I’ve never quite gotten over it!  We had smoothie stations, carving stations – and many of these traditions I have brought to the Cracked Mug.

Got a sweet tooth?  Me too. Every morning features at least one recipe like my daughter-in-law Rebecca’s Cinnamon Scones or my Brit friend Margaret’s Raspberry Breakfast Cake or made-from-scratch Belgian waffles.

But the main feature will always be an egg dish – poached over spinach, in a quiche, scrambled with asparagus and fresh parmesan.

We make our own granola with roasted pecans and coconut, and serve it alongside Greek yogurt.

And it’s all topped off with freshly-pressed Barnacle Blend from our island’s own Monhegan Coffee Roasters.

We proudly feature a Signature Sweet – my Mother’s French Coffee Cake.  It’s a soft sour cream cake with a swirl of cinnamon and dark chocolate that goes back 6 decades to my Dad’s navy days. and it’s always out.  So slice as you wish, any time of the day.

After breakfast, we offer hand-packed picnics – with or without our CM* Smoked Salmon. They come packed in their own picnic backpack so just shoulder your moveable feast and you’re off on a hike  – or on our island experience called Motor To Manana!

On sunny afternoons, we strike up the outdoor kitchen’s lobster pot to steam fresh catch for the perfect al fresco lunch.  Make a day of it with our local lobsterman friend on his Trap To Table island experience.

For special occasions, we can arrange oyster roasts. Or prepare a caviar pie.

And our most recent food escapade?  Still in the experimental phases, we are working to concoct a uniquely-Monhegan vanilla-based ice cream which we have dubbed Fairy House.  It’s got a green crème de menthe swirl (to represent the tall Cathedral Woods), chocolate covered chunk “seals” (just like the ones who nurse their young on the offshore rocks), and pretzel sticks with sea salt.